Rules of Play

Adult Hockey League


Captains are responsible for notifying all players of the League Rules. The League reserves the right to make any determination with regard to any rule or situation or to change and/or amend the Rules and Regulations, at its sole discretion without prior notice.

All Desert Ice Castle Adult Hockey Leagues follow the rules and guidelines of USA Hockey for all age classifications, in addition to those rules, below are the following “in-house” rules.

All general matters pertaining to the Desert Ice Castle Adult Hockey League should be directed to the League Director, Andrew Luczynski

A player must be eighteen (18) years or older to play in any adult levels.

All players must be registered and insured by USA Hockey prior to playing in any game. The web site must be used for all registration purposes.

All players must sign and file the Desert Ice Castle Adult Hockey League waiver prior to playing in any game.


All games are five (5) minutes warm up, three (3) periods of twenty (20) minute run time.

Referees should make all reasonable efforts to stay within the allotted time of 1 hour and 15 minutes regardless of the score or level.

However, if the goal differential is two (2) goals with two (2)minutes left in the third period, then the existing stop time clock protocol shall remain in effect until the end of the game.

Each team is allowed one (1) timeout (30 seconds) per game.

Overtime consists of a 3 man shootout.

Red line icing shall be called and the two line offside pass is allowed.

All minor penalties are three (3) minutes; majors are six (6) minutes.


All players are required to wear all of the equipment specified by USA Hockey Rules.

Any player who does not comply with ALL equipment rules may not participate in the game until he or she is fully compliant.

All players must wear the required protective equipment per USA Hockey in the manner for which it is designed and no alterations or modifications may be made from the original manufacturing specifications as any alterations or modifications shall cause said equipment to be illegal.

Helmet (“chinstraps”) must be properly fastened by both players and on-ice officials.

Players are not required to wear a full-face mask or mouthpiece.


All players are required to wear the same jersey and number as the rest of their team.

Every player must wear a readable number on their jersey at all times, according to USA Hockey rules. Only one player per number per team.

All player numbers must correspond with the sign-in sheet and score-sheet.

Any player who does not comply with the jersey regulations shall serve a five (5) minute misconduct penalty at the beginning of the game. If after two games the player does not have a jersey, the player shall not be able to participate in the game until the player complies.


Captains are solely responsible for the proper maintenance of the roster. These are the rosters that will print on the game score-sheet.

Each team may roster a minimum of twelve (12) skaters and one (1) goalie.

The maximum number of players permitted to play in a game shall not exceed twenty (20).

Each team is required to sign the score-sheet prior to stepping on the ice.

Do not sign in for your teammates under any circumstance(s). All players on the ice must be accounted for on the sign in sheets. Players arriving late must report to the scorekeeper to sign the roster.


All players must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to be eligible for the roster and/or participate in any adult league games. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule for any reason(s).

Players shall provide a PHOTO I.D. when asked by the League Director or his designate, any league official, including but not limited to the referee(s) or scorekeepers.

Punishment for using illegal players may include but is not limited to one or more of the following; suspension of the player(s), removal of any goals scored or assisted goals, forfeit of the game and suspension of the Captain of record.

No one is allowed to play on any team in the league while on suspension from another team.

The League Director has the final authority on any and all matters of player eligibility and any other matters relative to the league.


Any players, including goalies, who receives five (5) penalties in the same game, will receive a Game Misconduct.

FIGHTS ON THE ICE will be reviewed (Score Sheets/Referees’ Testimonials/Video Footage) and the penalties for the offender(s) will be as follows:

First Offense: Verbal Warning and one (1) Game Suspension

Second Offense: Written Warning and two (2) Games Suspensions

Third Offense: Expulsion for three (3) consecutive months..

ALL penalties shall be entered on the score-sheet.

Players who serve any penalty as a server for any other player shall not be charged for that penalty.

A delayed penalty which is canceled by a goal scored, must be reported to the scorekeeper and recorded and does count toward a players gross penalty total.

The possession or use of Alcohol and/or drugs or any illegal substances in the locker rooms, anywhere in the building is strictly prohibited.

Any player that is substance impaired may be prevented from playing or removed from the game.

Any behavior that endangers the players, participants, referees or spectators is intolerable and the league will immediately take action against those involved.


Players may not play for any team in the league until he has finished serving a suspension for the team with which the suspension was received.

A player receiving a second game misconduct during the season will receive a one (1) game suspension for each subsequent infraction.

The League reserves the right to issue any length of suspension at any time.

All players who come off the players’ bench or penalty box during an altercation shall receive a major plus a game misconduct and be subject to a minimum three (3) game suspension.

Captains are ultimately responsible for notifying their players of any suspensions.

Players who receive a Match Penalty will be suspended for a minimum of thirty (30) days, pending an investigation. The player will be notified by the League Director about any reinstatement and is not allowed to resume playing prior to receiving written notice from the League Director.

Any physical or verbal assault on an on-ice official or an off-ice official is unacceptable, and may result expulsion from the League.

Players who are deemed to be continually dangerous, unruly or un-sportsmanlike may be suspended at the sole discretion of the League Director.

Suspension from the regular season will carry over to the playoffs and future seasons.


Possession, use, or being under the influence of narcotics drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana, or intoxicants of any kind, will result in removal from the league.


Only players who have played in the minimum number of required games will be allowed to participate in the playoffs. EACH Player participating in our Adult League, must have played with the same team a minimum of five (5) games to participate in the Playoffs with said team.

In the event of a tie in points at the conclusion of the regular season standings, the following tie breaker protocol shall be used:
1. Greater Points (two (2) points for a win; one (1) point for a tie; zero (0) points for a loss)
2. Head-to-Head
3. Greater Wins
4. Least Losses
5. Greater Goals For
6. Fewer Goals Against
7. Greater Plus/Minus Record
8. Single Coin Toss


Only players who have played in the minimum number of required games will be allowed to participate in the playoffs. Each season requires half the season games played.

Captains are ultimately responsible for assuring that all game statistics are accurate, and must address the league director with any questions.

The League Director must approve any substitute goalies in the playoffs.


All playoff games shall be played according to the same rules for each particular division that were in effect during the regular season.

If a playoff game (any game other than championship game) ends in a tie, there shall be a three (3) man penalty shootout. If there is still a tie after the three (3) shooters, a sudden death shootout will take place until there is a winner.

If a championship game ends in a tie, there shall be one overtime period, as outlined below:

Overtime shall be five (5) minutes stop time and if the game is still tied after overtime, a penalty shot shoot out (5 players) shall commence immediately according to the following procedure.
1. The visiting team shall shoot first.
2. The teams take the penalty shots alternately.
3. If, before five shots are taken, one team has scored more goals than the other could score, even if it were to complete its five shots, no more shots are taken.
4. If, after both teams have taken five shots, both have scored the same number of goals, or have not scored any goals, shots continue to be taken in the same alternate order until one team has scored one goal more than the
other team from the same number of attempts.
5. A different player takes each shot and all eligible players must take a shot before any player can take a second shot.

Any goalkeeper rostered for the game, dressed and on the player’s bench may participate as a goalkeeper in the penalty shot shootout.


In an event that a team does not have a goalie present and dressed for a game, an emergency goalie may be used. The emergency goalie must currently be registered in the Desert Ice Castle Adult Hockey League.

Every goalie must be registered with USA Hockey.

If a team does not have a goalie dressed for a game, the team may elect to put in a sixth skater.

The Referees must be notified if the player is a sixth skater or a designated goalie.

In all levels a designated goalie must have a full wire cage, no plastic masks and no half shields of any kind.

Any player not wearing full goalie equipment, who chooses to be a designated goalie, does so at his or her own risk.