Any current Skating School student is eligible for purchasing the Yearly Membership.

The Membership is only “valid” when the student is currently registered in Skating School.

COST: $75.00/year


  1. MANDATORY CLASS REGISTRATION: Membership is only valid with CURRENT Skating School Registration or In-House Hockey Registration. In other words, student must be registered in every Skating School Term or In-House Hockey Term within that year to receive FREE ADMISSION to Public Sessions. If student is not registered for a term within that year, Membership will be “INACTIVATED”, and you will be required to pay the full cost for Public Sessions. Once you re-register within that year, Membership will be “REACTIVATED”.
  1. ADMISSION: Skating School student will receive FREE ADMISSION for any Public Session, during the Term you registered for.
  1. SKATE RENTALS: Cost of Skate Rentals are not included; therefore you are required to pay $2.00 for the usage of the Skate Rentals.
  1. PRESENTATION: MEMBERSHIP CARD must be presented at Box Office at time of arrival to receive FREE ADMISSION to any Public Session, no exceptions. If card is not presented, you will be charged for full cost of Admission. 
  1. NONATTENDANCE: If student has paid for lessons, and is absent for 4 or more classes with no valid reason, however still uses Membership to attend Public Sessions, Desert Ice Castle reserves the right to revoke your Membership.
  1. DISCLAIMER: Desert Ice Castle reserves the right to change, alter, modify, or cancel the Membership Card and its Terms and Conditions at any time. Should any of the above occur, you will be notified via email, phone call, or in person.

Membership Form 2015

Yearly Membership Form 2015 SPANISH