Power Skating & Stick Handling

Desert Ice Castle offers Power Skating & Stick Handling training for a half hour each class. Cost is $15.00 per class, or $25 if you do both.

POWER SKATING: Saturdays at 10:00am-10:30am

STICK HANDLING: Saturdays at 10:30am-11:00am

*Please be sure to check the calendar below for any changes, due to games, tournaments, etc.

Hockey requires powerful skating ability and puck-handling skills. We have an amazing coaching staff that care about your future and hockey, and will teach you just what you need to become a better player. You will have fun by learning as you go along. For players serious in taking their hockey career to the highest levels (junior, college, pro, etc.), we have just what you need, and it goes far beyond the regular clinics.

All players attending should be at least 5 or older, playing a higher level of hockey, and have higher skating skills.