Skating School


Any current Skating School student is eligible for purchasing the Yearly Membership.

The Membership is only “valid” when the student is currently registered in Skating School.

COST: $75.00/year


  1. MANDATORY CLASS REGISTRATION: Membership is only valid with CURRENT Skating School Registration or In-House Hockey Registration. In other words, student must be registered in every Skating School Term or In-House Hockey Term within that year to receive FREE ADMISSION to Public Sessions. If student is not registered for a term within that year, Membership will be “INACTIVATED”, and you will be required to pay the full cost for Public Sessions. Once you re-register within that year, Membership will be “REACTIVATED”.
  1. ADMISSION: Skating School student will receive FREE ADMISSION for any Public Session, during the Term you registered for.
  1. SKATE RENTALS: Cost of Skate Rentals are not included; therefore you are required to pay $2.00 for the usage of the Skate Rentals.
  1. PRESENTATION: MEMBERSHIP CARD must be presented at Box Office at time of arrival to receive FREE ADMISSION to any Public Session, no exceptions. If card is not presented, you will be charged for full cost of Admission. 
  1. NONATTENDANCE: If student has paid for lessons, and is absent for 4 or more classes with no valid reason, however still uses Membership to attend Public Sessions, Desert Ice Castle reserves the right to revoke your Membership.
  1. DISCLAIMER: Desert Ice Castle reserves the right to change, alter, modify, or cancel the Membership Card and its Terms and Conditions at any time. Should any of the above occur, you will be notified via email, phone call, or in person.

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Group Classes

                          Vadim Alkozin             vadim                                           

Tuesday 4:00pm – 4:30pm
Friday 4:00pm – 4:30pm

Saturday 9:30am – 10:00am

$5.00 per skater

These classes are for all levels and adults

Join Vadim in learning all you need to know about figure and hockey skating. This fun and interactive class will teach you anything from the basic skills and footwork to more advances moves. He will help you get stronger and give you the confidence you need to be gliding across the ice in no time.


michaelMichael Garren

Thursday 4:00pm – 4:30pm

My class will teach you the basics of jumping. Learn how to identify all seven basic jumps and the entry steps into each one. Learn proper body position and vaulting technique, the principals of rotation and how to control it, and the correct landing position. Your friends will want to join you when you learn the basics and start showing off.

Sunday 1:00pm – 1:30pm

$5.00 per skater

Join Michael and learn the basics of synchronized skating with a group of your friends and improve your individual skating skills at the same time. He’ll use my 20 years of ice show experience to teach you the elements used in precision skating and we’ll have a great time doing it. Geometric patterns and pinwheels, his ideas or yours, it will be fun to pretend you’re in the spotlights.

Aurore Premontaurore


Saturday 9:30am – 10:00am

Need an extra push? Still marching? Get moving in this class!

This class is for Level 1 and 2.

$5.00 per skater



Friday 3:45pm – 4:15pm

This class is for all levels and adults

Ever wondered how the pros can twirl so gracefully on the ice and hoped you could too? Then this class is for you! Join our new spin class to learn all the secrets to spinning. Camel spin, sit spin and scratch are just a few of the elements you will be learning. Aurore will teach you the technique you need to achieve anything from the simplest spin to the most challenging.


scottJ. Scott Driscoll


Saturday 9:30am – 10:00am

$10.00 per skater

This class is for all Level 3 and above

The beginner edge class introduces to skaters to new exercises that will challenge them with the focus on body awareness and the correct use of their blades. They will discover how the basic skills they are learning are the foundation of everything they will ever do on the ice.


 Level 1

1)    Proper way to fall and get up

2)    Marching forward across the ice

3)    Two – foot glide (5 counts)

4)    Dip while moving (5 counts)

5)    Forward swizzles – 6-8 in a row

6)    Snowplow stop in place (two foot)

7)    Backward wiggles

8)    Two –  foot hop in place

Level 2

1)    Moving snowplow stop (two foot)

2)    Forward stroking

3)    Forward one – foot glide (R & L)

4)    Backward swizzles

5)    Backward two – foot glide (3-5 counts)

6)    Forward slalom

Level 3

1)    Backward slalom

2)    Backward stroking

3)    Forward ½ pumps on a circle, 6-8 consecutive (both direct.)

4)    Forward outside edge on a circle (R&L)

5)    Forward inside edge on a circle (R&L)

6)    Forward 2 – foot turn to backwards in place (both directions)

7)    Two foot spin – up to 2 revolutions

Level 4

1)     Forward crossovers (both directions, 3-5 counts)

2)    Forward 2 – foot turn to backwards (both directions – moving)

3)    Backward one – foot glide (R&L)

4)    Backward ½ pumps on a circle, 6-8 consecutive (both direct.)

5)    Hockey stop

6)    Tap toes – side toe hop (both directions)

Level 5

1)     Forward Crossovers (both directions)

2)     Backward two-foot turn to forwards

3)    Forward outside three-turn (R&L)

4)     Forward inside three-turn (R&L)

5)     T-stops (R&L)

6)     Lunge (R&L)

Level 6

1)    Mohawk (R&L)

2)     Backward outside and inside edges on a circle

3)    Forward Spirals (R&L)

4)    One foot spin (3 revolutions)

5)    Moving three-turns with crossovers

6)    Forward inside pivot


  • Students can register for the current Term anytime during the first month of the current Term. To see the current Term schedule, click here. Once the second month of the Term has begun, registrations will close. However, any student can always do a Drop-In Class at $20.00 per student, per class.
  • TO REGISTER: You can download the Skating School Registration Form and bring with you on the day of class, or you can register and pay below.



About the Program

Skating School

Desert Ice Castle’s Skating School offers excellent general ice skating, and figure skating developmental programs. Skaters enjoy a wide variety of classes for beginner through advanced levels. Group lessons offer an excellent introduction to skating and provide a foundation for fun that will last a lifetime.

OUR GOAL: To build the skills that will lead to a strong recreational skater and form a solid foundation for those who decide to pursue the sport further.

The curriculum is a blend of both programs and prepares the student to make an easy transition into either direction of the skating world. The program is designed to maximize the student’s development, enhance learning, and provide a solid background comprised of all the basic elements of figure skating. From our toddler classes (beginning at age 3) to specialty classes for the more advance skater, or those adult aged who want to take the sport recreationally, we have a class level for you.


  • Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:00pm
  • Saturdays 9:00am-9:30am
  • Sundays 11:30am-12:00pm

TERMS: 3 month duration

  • January/February/March
  • April/May/June
  • July/August/September
  • October/November/December

COST: The cost for each term will be $180.

TO REGISTER: Registrations are held every 3 months (see TERMS info above). You may register before the Term is scheduled to begin, or on the day of — Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to register and be on-time for the start of class.

DROP-INS: Students who wish to have just one class, may Drop-In at any class at $20 per class. All Drop-In Students go to Level 1.

SKATES: We offer the usage of our Rental Skates free of charge! Of course, you are always more than welcome to use your own.

LEVEL TESTING: Our Skating School has up to 6 levels (you can view them here). Each student receives a badge to indicate his or her progress with the training.

COMPLETION OF PROGRAM: Upon completion of all 6 Levels, student will receive a Certificate of Completion!